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Madelaine Heinemann Yoga Teacher
Yoga Therapy

General classes are not suitable for everyone and in some cases can exasperate existing chronic conditions, which is why I trained as a structural yoga therapist and now offer 1-1 sessions as well as classes.

I qualified as a Structural Yoga Therapist in 2007.

I have been studying structural yoga therapy, Ayurveda and Tantric yoga with Mukunda and Chinnamasta Stiles since 2005. I also studied Yoga therapy with Yoga Campus/The Biomedical Trust between 2007-2009.

During 1-1 sessions, the clients physical, energetic , mental /emotional, and spiritual needs are considered to develop a holistic practice which addresses stresses and imbalances that cause pain or discomfort.

Structural imbalances may require ROM and muscle testing assessments.

A short personal practice is then suggested and taught during the session. This practice is to balance all 5 koshas (aspects of ones being) and restore harmony and comfort.

1-1 consultations help to alleviate pain, correct structural imbalances and muscle tensions. 1-1 sessions allow time to assess an individuals needs and requirements much more deeply than is possible in a class situation, this is essential for students who have chronic injuries, and health issues.

Yoga Therapy can help with any health condition, and provide effective pain management. Yoga allows the individual to heal, and can be soothing even to those with a difficult prognosis. Yoga means "union" to heal means " the joining together of separate parts".

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