Madelaine Heinemann Yoga Teacher
Madelaine Heinemann Yoga Teacher
  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing, with warm layers.
  • It is best not to eat for 90 mins before a class.
  • Always inform your teacher if you are pregnant, and /or have any injuries or medical conditions, how ever minor they may seem.
  • Yoga is non competitive, listen to your body; stop and rest when you need.
  • Please ask if you're unsure or uncomfortable, never ignore pain.
  • I am available 10 mins before and after the class, for advice, information or feedback.

We are located at:

100 Osbaldeston Road


N16 6NL

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


+44 208 8062364 +44 208 8062364

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