Madelaine Heinemann Yoga Teacher
Madelaine Heinemann Yoga Teacher
The classes

The classes are a tribute to my beloved teachers, who have nurtured and deepened my passion for Yoga. I feel privileged to share this experience with my students, drawing upon the breadth of yoga techniques and teachings from Tantra, Patanjali's Classical Yoga and Ayurveda which have evolved over centuries. These are the tools to help us overcome the limitations of the body and allow us to experience the joy of our personal journey.

  • Respect the needs and individuality of all students.
  • Encourage introspection and Self awareness
  • Follow the principles of balanced vinyasa
  • Emphasise breath awareness during the different phases of practice
  • Encourage correct alignment, offering variations and modifications where appropriate
  • Introduce a variety of classical yoga techniques to enhance the practice and stimulate the curiosity e.g. shatkarmas, pranayama, mudra, bandha, drishti, pratyahara.

We are located at:

100 Osbaldeston Road


N16 6NL

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